Strikers Team was established in 2020. We played our first tournment in the year 2021.

We renamed Strikers team to Raptors in the year 2023.

Our Goal

We welcome all cricket players to join and play with us.

We participate in Oregon Cricket League (OCL) Tournment every year.

We play cricket tournments on Saterday or Sunday based on Tournment Schedule.

Raptors Team provide opportunity to all the players to play Cricket game.
All the players will be given opportunity to bat and bowel in different positions.
Weekly once full Team come together and Practice at Home ground in Salem cricket ground.

T20 Format

T20 format is played in 20 Overs. White balls are used in T20 Format. players wear color jerseys in T20 Format

T30 Format

T30 format is played in 30 overs. Red balls are used in T30 Format. players wear white jerseys in T30 Format.